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Howdy, everyone!

We published one of Maddie’s poems under the Education page this evening.  When you find time, please check it out and give us your feedback.  Oh, and if you’ve subscribed to the blog, please let me know if you received notification that this page was published.  Thanks!


8 thoughts on “New Page under Education

    1. Mimi,
      Thank you. Maddie wrote that from her heart and it is one of my favorites. We are very much looking forward to seeing and visiting with you and John this summer!

  1. Jenni & Maddi-Love the blog! It is fantastic to read all about you both and your adventures.
    FYI-I was able to subscribe to the blog

    1. Thanks, Jamie! We’re glad you were able to subscribe and that our adventures are at least worthy enough for reading! 🙂

  2. Jenni and Maddie I love the blog.
    Maddie you always amaze me…I can not wait to see what is next! Love you guys.


    1. Yay, thanks Flo! Glad you are enjoying it and I’m with you. Maddie amazes me every day! Love you guys too. 🙂 See you real soon!

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