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Don’t you just love a salad for lunch?  Especially when it’s already made for you?  I have 2 favorite salads that I like to order when I go out to eat.  At Panera Bread, I love the chicken Thai salad.  I always order it without the wonton strips.  The Harvest restaurant in Queensbury has THE BEST Cobb salad!  It’s huge and fresh.  With both of these as my inspiration, here’s the salad that I made for lunch this week.

I began with romaine lettuce, but this was eaten and made prior to the big and latest romaine lettuce recall.  If you haven’t heard about the recall, you can find information regarding that here.  I mixed spinach in with the romaine and then topped with my favorite veggies!  Those include a few carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, bell pepper, hot pepper, and radishes.  Then I added a tablespoon of sunflower seeds.  For dressing, I add 2 T apple cider vinegar, 1 T MCT oil, a drizzle of sriracha sauce, 1 T anchor bar wing sauce, 1 T of Webers Horseradish mustard (can you see my Buffalo, NY roots?!!!), and then a few splashes of balsamic vinegar.  I top that with salt, pepper, 2 hardboiled eggs, and sliced strawberries.  YUM!  I always feel so good when I have a nice salad.  Please share your favorite salads with us!

3 thoughts on “La en Salada

  1. These sound great! I love salads and you can use your imagination to create so many different ones, even if some have a few things on the no-no list sometimes, like bacon pieces and dried fruits (cranberries). I will have to try that Thai salad you eat at Panera. I usually have their Fugi Apple Chicken salad or the Strawberry Poppyseed salad. I have also had their Green Goddess Cobb salad a couple of times. What is MCT oil? I see you like spicey things. You know I make my broccoli salad, that I love, and I make a couple of different salads with tortellini, which are great too.

    1. Sue, your broccoli salad is absolutely delish! I can’t recreate it exactly as you do and I hope you are able to share that at camp sometime this season! I do like spice!!!! MCT is a medium chain oil and has wonderful health benefits.


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