I (Jenni) am a 29-year veteran teacher in a NYS public school district.  I have been teaching math to students in grades 6-12 in two different PK-12 school districts.  I ADORE teaching and really can’t imagine doing anything else for a career.  I have several goals for my students when they enter the classroom, but my main goal is always to foster a love of learning math and stressing that every one of my students can learn math!  I cringe when I hear parents or students state that they can’t learn math.  I hope my love of math, the encouragement I give my students, and time will help each child realize they have math potential and to learn the subject to the best of his/her ability!

I had an opportunity to attend a Global workshop this past July in Boston, Ma.  It’s called BLC (Building Learning Communities) and is hosted by Alan November.  At this conference, I was inspired by keynote speakers Zoran Popovic and David Malan both computer scientists, as well as psychologist Dr. Robert Evans.  I gleaned many new ideas from workshops such as standards-based grading, integrating technology better than I do now, better questioning strategies, and generally high-level teaching techniques.  I met teachers from all over the world and continue to correspond with them on a regular basis!

There’s been a lot of new techniques shared in the math teaching and learning community.  The Singapore method of learning math skills, Jo Boaler and her focus on mathematical mindsets, as well as the introduction (and subsequent removal) of Common Core Standards here in NY.  The beauty of education is that we are always learning, sharing, and trying new techniques, new technologies, and new teaching/learning strategies!

Please let us know what interests you in education and we’ll try to help you find the resources you need!



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