Being and staying healthy is probably one of THE most important goals for myself and my family.  My side of the family is riddled with arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.  My mom had uterine cancer (she is cancer-free today!!!) and my dad was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He had a tumor removed and has received a very favorable outcome.  Bubs side of the family also has obesity and high blood pressure and his dad had colon cancer.  Unfortunately, both parents have since passed away.

So, as you can tell, we’re fighting some genes here, but fight we will!  I am a FIRM believer that exercise cures lots.  I am active most days of the year and really only take occasional “rest” days as needed or if instructed by a doctor.  I’m not a marathon trainer that pushes herself to the “xth” degree where I should be resting more frequently.  I’m just the average “Jane” keeping herself in shape!

I have been presented a challenge recently.  My left knee was absolutely bugging me.  I couldn’t even do child’s pose so I knew I had to get to my orthopedic.  Upon an MRI, it was determined that the pain was due to several issues.  My bone was extremely inflamed (I had no idea bones could inflame!) and it was due to a stress fracture and a small meniscus tear.  Add to that a Baker’s cyst (which I believe was leaking a bit) and BAM, my pain.  My doc said I needed to cool it for 6-8 weeks;  not even walking for exercise is an option.  What?!  I can’t even walk?!  Swim or bike she said.  So, I’ve created a plan for the remaining 4-6 weeks!  One day I lift weights with a focus on upper body and minimal lower body (no squats, no lunges), the next day I box, and the 3rd day I spin!  I wasn’t looking to buy a spin bike (remember, we live in the great NorthEast), but it’s going to be quite some time before I can get out and ride the neighborhoods/trails.  I LOVE spinning!  That’s where I’m burning my calories and after 2 days of minimal aerobic activity, the spin is awesome!

My 2 favorite exercise instructors are Cathe Freidrich and Kelly Coffey-Meyer.  I subscribe to Cathe’s On Demand videos and have found it to be exceptional!  Instead of buying all her DVDs, I can now try them and see if I like them first.  I am also able to create my own workouts using her Workout Blender and with my limited ability to exercise right now, this has come in very handy.  I also get to view her live workouts in her studio and again, I’ve come to really enjoy these too.  I wish Kelly had an online subscription because I enjoy her workouts too.  Maybe someday soon!

As I mentioned under meal planning, we try to eat healthily.  Lots of vegetables, good protein, fiber, and water.  Look under that topic for specific meals and the eating plan we follow.

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