About Us

Hi!  I’m Jenni, the mom.

And I’m Maddie, the teen!

Welcome to our site.  We decided to try our hand at blogging and thought it would be perfect to compare/contrast the thoughts of a teenager and her mom.  We think you’ll be able to relate to our thoughts, situations, and life and at times, we’d love your input as well!

A little about us:  we live in a very rural setting on 32 acres in New York State.  Jenni is a high school math teacher and Maddie is an 8th grader.  Both schools are PK-12 buildings with approximately 380 students each!  Yep, small.  Living with us is “Bubs” our husband/dad, our golden retriever Colden, and cat, Amy.

I, Jenni, am an avid waterskier trying to ski as often as possible here in the chilly Northeast.  I enjoy exercise, the outdoors, all forms of skiing, hiking, camping, reading books, and feeding my family healthy meals.  As a math teacher, I obviously love numbers.  Lots of my time is spent on our budget, reading about FIRE (financial independence, retire early), and keeping the family accountable.  I listen to Dave Ramsey podcasts on my way home from work and Trim Healthy Mama podcasts on my way to work.

Hi! I’m Maddie. I love swimming! Both competitively and freely. My favorite subject is social studies because for some reason I just love our county’s history! I am currently in love with Grey’s Anatomy which my mom hates but that’s ok! I like to read and hang out with my friends and pets. Camping is something I love too. I have made many friends over the four years I’ve been going to camp. Here’s one weird fact about me, I love boxes. If a box is big enough for me to fit into then I’ll go in it! It sounds insane but like my best friend says, “Aren’t we all a little crazy?!”


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