For the first time in many years, I set a New Year’s Goal for myself and that was to read more non-fiction books to foster self-improvement.  Being a number and money nerd, I opted for books that would help me lead to Financial Independence (FI).  Boy, I should have done this YEARS ago!  In the past 3 months, I have learned the numerous mistakes we’ve made with vehicles and investments and how to go about adjusting these errors.  Now that we pay cash for used vehicles, that is out of the equation.  I wish I had focused on our savings, spending, and investments prior to 2018!  The first book I read was The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins that I borrowed from the library.  What an enlightening book!  He promotes index funds vs. managed funds, something I really wasn’t familiar with.  Turns out our American and Putnam Funds are “managed” funds and thus have higher fees and front-end expenses.  GREAT;  I’m giving money to an advisor that I never see nor rarely hear from.  Ha!  That’s changing quickly!  Collins promotes Vanguard, so we decided to open up Roth IRAs with Vanguard instead of continuing to contribute to our American Fund Roth.  It was a very easy process and if all goes well, then I’m going to do a direct transfer roll-over of my Putnam Funds from my previous employer to new Vanguard Funds.  I’ll keep you updated on the process and how well it goes. 

In the meantime, if you’d like to read a bit about FI or FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early), then I recommend the blog, Mr. Money Mustache, and JL Collins.  



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