How we Eat


We have to have it to survive, but it can be so frustrating to plan 3+ meals/snacks every day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year, for years!  We’ll just share what we do and maybe something will click for you and your family to make this “chore” easier.

Bubs and I eat following the Trim Healthy Mama plan (THM).  Maddie does as well, but she still consumes sugar and icky processed foods.  I’m doing my best to encourage her to make healthy choices, but I’m not with her 24/7 and her grandparents can be persuasive when it comes to donuts!  My homemade donuts just can’t compare to Paula’s donuts!

Why do we follow the Trim Healthy Mama plan?  Well, as a child/teen I was quite heavy and this runs in my family as does many chronic diseases.  I also have pretty severe scoliosis and arthritis.  I have found that to limit pain and avoid some of the chronic diseases that run in my family, I need to exercise and stay thin/lean.  For years, I ate very low fat and now actually believe that this has not been great for my overall health.  I found Trim Healthy Mama and after learning more about it, I felt it was a good fit for our lifestyle and that the research made sense to me.  When Bubs asked for help to lose weight, I placed him on THM and bam, he dropped 30 pounds and was really only hungry twice!  He’s maintained his weight loss for over 1 year now and I always stay within my “ideal” weight.  If you’d like to learn more about THM, check out their website, facebook page, and pinterest boards.  There are many recipe bloggers that follow this plan and I’ll share their websites/blogs with you as I try out some of the recipes.

I’m including a link to the most recent Trim Healthy Mama cookbook below.  This is the latest book and the sisters have 3 additional books as well.

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