Maddie’s Poetry

Maddie has a way with poetry.  Maybe it came from reading Shel Silverstein when she was little!  Who knows, but she’s pretty good at it too!  How many 13-year-olds ask you to buy the poetry books of Maya Angelou?!!!  Maya is Maddie’s hero and at some point, I’m sure she’ll tell you why.  In the meantime, the poem below is one of my favorite’s that Maddie has written.  Tom, the owner of Daggett Lake, had an awesome border collie named Zack.  Maddie called him Zack Efron, like the “cute” actor (her words)!  Zack passed away in 2017 and she wrote this poem to help ease the pain and gave it to Tom for Christmas.


Zack Efron

by Maddie Leaver

The spirit of an angel

the warmth of the sun

hair messed up and tangled

his eyes bright and fun

Running through the trees

wind blowing on his ears

the love in his heart that I see

yet it all brings me to tears

And so we move on

and slowly we die

soon his life would be gone

and his soul would rise

There he lay upon his bed

with his commander by his side

his eyes shut as he rested his head

and little Zack Efron washed into the tide

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