Our review page is where you’ll find reviews of all kinds!  Maddie decided to write her first review of a book she read.  We hope you like her review and if you read the book, let us know your thoughts!

My first review is going to be on a Trim Healthy Mama dish that I made for Bub’s birthday!  It’s called Tuscan Chicken and it’s a recipe in the new book by the sisters titled Trim Healthy Table.  The dish is made in a fry pan and is super easy.  I melted 3 T of coconut oil and cooked chicken thighs in the oil until almost done.  I then added chicken broth and some heavy cream and let the thighs finish cooking.  I then thickened the broth a bit, added fresh spinach and let everything meld together.  Yum!  I served it with a ton of veggies and brownies made the Trim Healthy Mama way!

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