Swim Team

The YMCA swim team that I’m on feels like a family to me.

I may not go to school with them or hang out with them any other time besides swimming but they’re great! I joined the team in 2016 and I’m so glad I did. At first, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I didn’t have any friends because I went to a different school. It was pretty hard because I was shy and nervous. But the year after was great because I made new friends and I got a private coach to help me with my swimming and I got better and I had friends. The swim team starts in September and ends in March. But if you don’t make it to states then you end in February. I haven’t made it to states yet but I’m confident that I will this coming swim season. Meets are very fun too. They last a long time and parents get bored sometimes but the team has a lot of fun. We talk, play games, be crazy and weird, sleep, eat, and a lot more! We always cheer each other on and it’s really fun. Duel meets only last up to four hours but invitationals can go up to six hours. Districts can be eight hours! It’s a lot but it is a great thing to do and so much fun. I love swimming because I love being in the water and when I swim, all my problems fade away. And when I’m with the team I forget about my other friend problems back at my school. I like having that one place that I can escape everything. Swimming has definitely made an impact on me and I’m happy I joined the team and that I’ve made amazing friends over the years.

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