What? Me run track?!

So as some of you may know, I’m running track this year! If you didn’t know that, well now you do. It wasn’t my idea to run track in the first place. I was having a normal conversation with one of my best friends and I said, “track sounds fun!” So she told me that I should do it and literally made me. The only reason I’m on the team is because of her! Track is a good workout and can be fun but it’s definitely not my thing. Our coach is my teacher from a few years ago and he’s always pushing me during practice which I hate but I know it’s good for me! My school doesn’t have a track so we have to drive twenty minutes to a college to use their track for practice. Sometimes when the weather is bad we will stay at our school and practice inside and run the halls. Two of our meets have been canceled because of bad weather and I missed our first meet because I was home with strep throat. Not fun at all. We have a meet this Tuesday and I’m crossing my fingers that it stays on so I can finally go to a meet! If you’re wondering why I haven’t quit yet, it’s because my parents taught me that nobody likes quitters. And it’s a new experience and I could use a new experience so I’m gonna keep at it! It’s a grind my friends…it’s a grind.

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